South Games Studio provides full-cycle custom development services,
and will guide your project through every phase leading to a
successful launch and ongoing support.

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full cycle game development design


- Game Design Document Creation
- Game Design Document Analysis
- Game Architecture Creation
- Game Architecture Analysis
- Game Concept Creation
- Game Economy & Research

full cycle game development


- Unity Game Development
- Cross-Platform Development
- Backend Development
- Frameworks Implementation
- Game Networking
- Game Optimization

full cycle game development art


- 2D Concept Art & Design
- 2D Animation
- 3D Modelling
- 3D Animation
- Video Production

full cycle game development live


- QA Testing
- Server Administration
- Game Analytics
- Game Monetization
- Game Advertising


Full-cycle game development represents the entire process of creating a video game, from the game design step to the post-release phase.


The flare that starts the project is the concept. The project will have a solid foundation to fall back on if obstacles arise along the way thanks to the idea's development and in-depth examination. The storyline, aesthetics, player interaction, protagonists, missions, multiplayer, game design levels, playthrough hours, revenue plan, distribution channels, and production budget should all be included in the game concept document. This is the very first step where full cycle game development starts.

Game Design

The essence of the game is the game design. In this stage, the user interface, the game's progression, the characters, the soundtrack, the settings, and the graphics with lights and shadows are all created, finishing the second stage of full cycle game development.

Game Architecture Analysis

During this stage, the team will consider all options for the game engine and any supplementary plugins.
Additionally, the game's architecture is analyzed and reviewed.

Game Development

We'll create a checklist of the steps needed to execute the data using the software architecture at this point,
and the programmers will develop codes as their forte.


We fix every bug and potential issue during the testing stage.
We successfully use a variety of testing methodologies to optimize the performance of the game.


This stage, which concludes the entire game development cycle, involves product deployment, the transfer of ownership of the product, and the closing of the deployment phase.


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We already have all the necessary graphic elements, can SGS only provide partial development services?
Do your services cover backend, networking, and multiplayer game development?
And on which frameworks are they based?
I want to make a game but I don't know where to start?